Tuesday, July 17, 2012

E-Reader Boom

- TERTIAL desk lamp
- Exogear Exomount car holder
- Mounting tape
- LED Reading lamp (optional)

Description: I'm too lazy to hold my E-Reader in bed :)
- Unplug the lamp!
- Cut and remove electrical wiring from TERTIAL. Hint: To remove the bulb socket, you need to lift two opposite tabs on the outside of the socket, but it's optional. And be careful of the sharp edges.

- Line the clamping area with anti-slip tape, then attach Exomount there.
- Attach E-Reader (or small tablet) to the Exomount suction cup.
- You can store reading glasses etc where the socket used to be.

PS: Maximum gadget weight ~300g


See more photos of the e-reader holder.

~ Tony Rex, Melbourne, Australa

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