Saturday, July 21, 2012

Cubic Besta

before and after

Materials: Besta shelf, Inreda hinge, drawers

Description: I had a Besta book shelf I wanted to close somewhat to hide a bit of mess but, due to the close heater, I could not install standard doors.

Finally I found a new inreda hinge (currently sold in Italy - Milan only - as part of the new TV system roll out).

This new hinge allows you to use Besta drawer panels without the inner drawer... brilliant!

Here is the link, hope this will hit your store soon as i think it might be pretty helpful for many hacks!

I have mixed us some drawers + a glass/alu door and it came out as a open/closed shelf, hiding the mess enough without having a final look too flat or heavy.

~ Fabrizio, Torino - Italy

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  1. Wooaw, u turn those items of IKEA into very nice pieces of furniture, i bought a chair: Stoel ridge rib wich is already very nice maybe it fits in your interior :)