Monday, July 23, 2012

Der Schtandund Vorkin

Materials: PAX wardrobe door

Description: Ladies and gentlemen, this is Der Schtandund Vorkin: a highly mobile, ultra convertible standing desk. The table top is made from a red Ikea Pax wardrobe door and is supported by finely sanded and finished poplar.

The legs are Speed-Rail bars, mounted onto speedy castors. The desk is custom sized to the worker and suitable to those who would rather stand at a bar during their labor hours.

The upright standing orientation provides the worker with increased creative flow of ideas from brain to fingertips and is not intended for seat sitters (though it will accommodate a bar stool).

This particular model is equipped with a computer machine rail on top, a fire extinguisher below and a side mounted drummer's practice pad. (middle management options include crash cymbal)

The Speedy castors are for when the worker is asked to quickly vacate the office.
Execution was simple:
1. Measure worker (legs and arms).
2. Cut speedrail to spec.
3. drill (16) holes into work surface.
4. Mount and tighten bolts.
5. Roll in front of worker.

There is work!
Maybe by Whiskey Tango Creative

~ Whiskey Tango Jeremy, Times Square NYC

Ikea Rast Turned Campaign Chest

Materials: Ikea Rast 3 Drawer Chest, Behr High Gloss Paint in Sugar Plum, 3 Campaign Style Drawer Pulls, 3 Packages of 2" Brass Flat Corners, Paint Brush, Tube of Elmer's Wood Filler Max, Sanding Sponge, Drill

Description: I love campaign furniture but the antique pieces are so hard to come by! I decided to hack the Ikea Rast, giving it the campaign style with a modern, bright-colored twist! Follow the steps below to make your own.

Step One: Assemble Rast chest according to Ikea's instructions (do not install drawer pull knobs, you won't be using them)

Step Two: Fill in the pre-drilled holes (on the drawers) with wood filler. Once filler dries, sand it down so it's nice and smooth

Step Three: Paint the entire chest (I had to use 3 coats) and let it dry completely

Step Four: Install corner brackets using drill (one on each corner of each drawer)

Step Five: Install drawer pulls using drill (you will have to drill new holes with your 1/4" bit)

See more of the Rast campaign chest.

~ Louisa, Madison, AL

Dyed Ombre Lamp

Materials: HEMMA Base Lamp, IKEA shade (about 1 yr old) but any cloth IKEA shade could work

Description: I ombre dyed a lamp shade and painted the base for a lamp makeover! I started with a 5 gallon bucket (which is a must need for crafters) and filled it with a tiny amount of water.

I wanted a turquoise color so I mixed Blue and the Green Dye together in my bucket. Then I placed my lampshade into the dye bucket, moving it up and down in the dye a few times to get it good and saturated.

I left it there for about 30 minutes, then added a little water. I continued doing this same thing throughout the day. Diluting the water with each step is what created the ombre effect.I also taped off the base cord and top of the lamp and gave it a few coats of gold stray paint.

See more of the ombre dyed lamp shade.

~ Taylor Urban, Texas, US

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Jara Lamp Shade Over Hanging Ceiling Light

Materials: Jara Shade, Hacksaw, Gold Spray Paint

Description: We had an existing chandelier in our dining room that was ugly, so we stripped it down to the bulbs (removed the frame and some hanging glass).
Not wanting to deal with doing electrical work covering it up was the best - and cheapest - solution.

The Jara was the only shade that would fit over the existing chandelier. Here's what we did:

1) Taped the edges of the lamp shade
2) Spray painted the inside gold (comes white)
3) Used hacksaw to saw off the top of the lampshade frame so it could be slid over the chandelier.
4) Voila!

~ Meghan, Lakebay, WA

What's a kitchen without an island

Materials: Norden Sideboard, Varde Countertop, Drill, Saw (table or circular)

Description: I have a decent sized kitchen with a poor countertop layout. I combined the Norden Sideboard with a Varde countertop that overhangs to give me a kitchen island with seating. This is something that is sorely lacking from the Ikea lineup.

Here's how:

Assemble the Norden Sideboard as the instructions say but skip the step instructing you to install the top.

Cut the Varde countertop to approximately 48" length. Exact length is up to you depending on how much side overhang is desired. Option: If you can find it in stock, get the Lagan beech countertop instead which is less expensive and the perfect length.

From here there are two ways to mount the countertop. The easiest would be to simply use some L brackets from underneath and nobody will see them. Just be sure to drill pilot holes and don't drill too deep!

I chose the harder way: replicating the mounting holes from the sideboard top on the new countertop. I clamped the sideboard top to the countertop, with the bottoms of each facing up. Using properly sized drill bits with a stopper to not go too deep, I drilled through the sideboard top and into the countertop. This allowed me to utilize the wooden pegs and cam locks/screws to mount the countertop the same way the original top would be mounted. If you do choose this route be sure to do this in the climate that it will exist as to not have wood expansion/contraction issues. I did this in a workshop on a humid day with temperatures nearing 100 degrees. When I went to mount the top in my climate controlled kitchen the holes did not line up very well at all.

The final step would be to add some nice drawer handles, or perhaps some hooks for utensils... anything to make it work for you!

~ Brian Hunt, Richmond, VA

TriFecta Computer Desk

Materials: (2) VIKA AMON - Table top, white (Length: 39.3/8" x Width: 23.5/8") / (2) VIKA ADILS - Leg, white (non-adjustable) / (1) ANTONIUS - Shelf, white / (4) EKBY STÖDIS - Bracket, white / (1) LEDBERG -3-piece light strip set, white [optional added feature]

Description: This computer desk was completed using two table tops. One table top is used as the flat horizontal surface, the other as the back support, or "uni-leg", turned vertical length side upright.

In the front are 2 table legs. Next, fastening the two "table tops" together are two brackets. Also, two more are used to support the smaller top shelf, which can be used for a Computer Monitor, Books or Software!

Lastly, and optional, a 3 piece LED light strip was added. This added lighting feature is secured to the small top shelf towards the front!


(2) VIKA AMON - Table top, white (Length: 39.3/8" x Width: 23.5/8")

(2) VIKA ADILS - Leg, white (non-adjustable)

(1) ANTONIUS - Shelf, white

(4) EKBY STODIS - Bracket, white

(1) LEDBERG - 3-piece light strip set, white [optional added feature]

I hope you enjoyed this "trifecta computer table, and if you choose to make this or a variation thereof, have fun! Remember we're only limited by our imagination & budgets!

~ UNtamED ©, Seattle, WA

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Cubic Besta

before and after

Materials: Besta shelf, Inreda hinge, drawers

Description: I had a Besta book shelf I wanted to close somewhat to hide a bit of mess but, due to the close heater, I could not install standard doors.

Finally I found a new inreda hinge (currently sold in Italy - Milan only - as part of the new TV system roll out).

This new hinge allows you to use Besta drawer panels without the inner drawer... brilliant!

Here is the link, hope this will hit your store soon as i think it might be pretty helpful for many hacks!

I have mixed us some drawers + a glass/alu door and it came out as a open/closed shelf, hiding the mess enough without having a final look too flat or heavy.

~ Fabrizio, Torino - Italy

The 2013 IKEA catalog is alive!

The IKEA catalog gets better. As of July 31st, the catalog itself will be an interactive product of the latest augmented-reality technology, with smart ideas, photo galleries and inspiration coming alive right before your eyes.

You'll need to download the IKEA Catalog App for your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet, and scan select pages to unlock the goodies. I can't wait to test it out.

Have you got the 2013 catalog yet? 

Double desk, light and full of storage space

Materials: Vika Alex, Capita, Micke

Description: My girlfriend needed to have her own space, but I needed to have a place for my Personal Computer.

I found the creative-ikea-desk on Ikeahackers, and it gave me inspiration.

So I used 2 MICKE drawer units for the both ends of the workstation, and VIKA ALEX in the middle to hide my personal computer.

Thanks to capita legs I have been able to add a table top above the 3 consoles.

The next steps are :

- A USB hub encased in the shelf
- Ventilate the console hosting the PC.

~ Guillaume, France, Rennes

Expedit unit for smaller TV

Materials: Expedit 5x5 white cupboard

Description: We wanted an entertainment unit that wasn't too deep, moved the TV higher off the ground and also had storage.

Nothing we saw really worked for us, and the standard Ikea Expedit TV unit had too big a space for our 81cm TV.

So we converted our existing Expedit cupboard by creating a 3x2 cube space for our TV.

It required 3 cuts:
1. 2 cuts for the horizontal shelf
2. one of the now redundant vertical dividers was cut to 10cm height to support the TV and create compartments for the DVD players.

The cuts were done at a woodwork shop, which took about 2 minutes on their table saw.

We drilled dowel holes and used shorter 2cm dowels to hold the TV shelf and 10cm vertical support, and bought some iron-on melamine edging tape to cover the sawed ends where needed.

We're very happy with this simple and very functional hack.

~ Kar-Soon, Sydney, Australia

Friday, July 20, 2012

Bathroom remodelled with Pax and Akurum

Materials: Ikea Pax Wardrobe and Akurum base cabinets

Description: We remodeled our bathroom with built-in Pax wardrobes (3) and Akurum (2) kitchen base cabinets cut down in height and depth to allow them to be used as a vanity. I had to cut the doors down as well (height 20" to allow for the vessel sinks).


By cutting the edge tape of first and then cutting the door to size it allowed me to re-use the edge banding on the doors. I used a 4x8 nexus black/brown panel from the kitchen department for fillers on the Pax and Akurum to give it the "built in look".

~ Brian, Atlanta

Scissor Me This!

Materials: Kroby Desk Lamp, Frack Mirror, Ball-Chain Connector (1.5" X .5"), two bolts, two rubber washers, two nuts, two mounting screws, one in-line on-off switch, electrical tape, screw driver, c-clamp, .050 hex wrench

Description: I love Scissor Lamps! But they cost way more than my budget allows - especially since I wanted two. My Ikea-Hack cost under $40 for each lamp - Yippie!

A few notes prior to doing anything:
~ Do not assemble the lampshade while working - this shade is glass and can be scratched easily - only put the glass shade on at the very end!

The first step is to disassemble the Kroby desk lamp.
~ I cut the cord just shy of the switch so it could be pulled through the neck.
~ The lamp is held together at the top of the neck with a tiny screw that needs to be removed in order to separate the neck from the head (keep this screw!). I used pliers to pry the two segments apart. In order to avoid harsh scratches on the metal, I put a small piece of leather between the metal and the pliers - though this particular bit of the head will not show. This was, by far, the hardest part.
~ Pull the cord through the neck to free the head completely from the neck and base. It helped to shove the cord from the bottom as well as pull from the top.

The second step is to create a finished look on the head of the lamp and create an attachment point for the scissor component.
~ Thread the cord through the 'ball chain connector' (1.5" X .5") - small hole first. This will be a tight fit over the end of the lamp head.

~ Through one end of the ball chain connector, screw that tiny screw back into the base of the head.

~ Twist the ball chain connector so the tiny screw creates a solid fit.

The third step is to disassemble the mirror.
~ Remove the mirror from the horseshoe shaped base.
~ Use a C-clamp to hold the tip of one end onto a sharp edge and bend the tip to a 90 degree angle - do the same on the other side.
~ bend the rest of the horse shoe shape so that the two bends face each other with enough room for the ball chain connector to fit between (see pic).
~ NOTE: you will need to be able to maneuver a screw driver between the 90 degree bend and the rest of your curve (see pic) so don't bend too sharply!

The fourth step is to assemble the horseshoe and the lamp head.
~ Insert one 5/8" X ~1/8" large headed bolt through the 90 degree bend, through one rubber washer, through one end of the ball chain connector and into the nut which is inside the ball chain connector (see pic). From not use the nuts with the plastic stopper ring in it - too hard! Use a regular nut.
~ Tighten as much as possible! The end of the bolt should butt against the flat side of the stem from the lamp head.
~ Do the other side.

The final step is to assemble your new lamp and connect the new on-off switch.
~ Follow the instructions for inserting a new on-off switch into your cord having cut out the Ikea switch all together, and using the rest of the cord.
~ For ease, wrap the cord up around the lamp head, then screw the mirror base onto the scissor base.
~ As a LAST step, put your glass lamp shade on your new lamp. It is heavy and will pull down toward the metal base, so be careful if it swings so it doesn't break! Insert your bulb (which comes with the lamp - Bonus!)
~ Test your new light.
~ Use the two screws to attach to your wall (not included with the mirror package)


~ S.Bruhn, Bay Area

Sideboard from Glass Cupboards in Brilliant White

Materials: Brilliant White Abstrakt 8'x3' Finishing Panel & Pax Wardrobe Door, 3 old Ikea pine office cupboards, 8 Capita Legs

Description: I'm sure you could do this hack with any old cupboards. The inspiration came after completing the finishing panels in our kitchen (and learning from that experience) and we have some old Ikea pine wall cabinets that we just weren't ready to part with, but were not in keeping with the renovations in our house.

We have an open concept kitchen/dining area, and hey presto, using the same finishing panels as we have for the kitchen doors, the transition is beautiful and seamless. The nice thing about using the high cupboards, for a sideboard is that they are nice and narrow, but deep enough for large kitchen plates. I like the glass doors to show the beautiful crockery and glassware.

As to HOW we made it:

In the "As-Is" section of Ikea, we found 1 Ultrabrilliant white 8'x3' finishing panel from a kitchen (50% off - $90) and 1 Pax Wardrobe door, same finish, same thickness, also 50% off ($50).

Using a circular saw cut the finishing panel in half to fit your cupboards, keeping the good edges towards the front. The wardrobe door was cut for the side pieces.

NOTE: When cutting, keep the side that will be "rough" face up . The finish will look bad, but don't worry, you'll place that side against the cupboards and it won't show.

Follow Ikea's standard kitchen installation instructions for:

1) Screwing cupboards together (we used their kitchen cabinet screws too)
2) Attaching finishing pieces - except you won't have pre-drilled holes, so you'll have to make your own.
Add a depth guide to your drill bit so you don't drill through the panels!

Add the legs of your choice. We used 8" Capita legs.

This was completed in one evening, since the cupboards were already made (over 5 years ago)! We actually gutted our house and have been slowly rebuilding it. If you're interested to see more about our "just two weeks" (think The Money Pit movie - cough - five year) renovation project of a 100-year old triplex in Montreal, click here.

~ Joanna and Marc, Montreal

Thursday, July 19, 2012

From Table to Ceiling: A Hanging Klabb Lamp


Materials: Ikea KLABB Table Lamp, Swag Lamp kit, Pull-chain On/Off Socket, Drapery tassel, Pliers, Screwdriver, Fabric for cord/chain cover (optional)

Description: My nightstand is usually so filled with books that my lamp gets buried or knocked over. I decided to hang a pull-chain lamp from the ceiling, but didn't see a shade I liked until I met KLABB, but there was no way way I paying $30 for that lovely lilac lampshade. Fortunately, Ikea is displaying KLABBs all over the store, and I found a dinged former display unit in the sale section for 50% off.

1) If desired, sew tubular fabric cord/chain cover(s) from 3"-4" strips of 58" wide fabric of your choice. (I sewed three 58" long tubes from 1/4 yd of $1/yd sheer silver fabric, so the cover cost about $0.25, a bit of thread, and 15 minutes of sewing time.)

2) Remove shade from lamp. Set lamp base aside.

3) Open Swag lamp kit.

4) To anchor lampshade to chain, remove two short lengths of chain using pliers. Hook both lengths through the link at the end of the chain, and attach the end of each length to the bars of the shade, as pictured. Alternately, you could use reusable chain link connectors, available at most hardware stores.

5) Thread cord through chain for desired length. Thread cord and chain through cord cover. Thread cord through center of shade.

6) Open On/Off Socket package, and follow instructions to attach swag cord to socket.

7) Tricky part - to reduce stress on cord, adjust the cord so that the weight of the shade is supported by the chain, and only the weight of the socket is supported by the cord.

8) Attach drapery tassel to pull-chain. (I got mine for $2.50 in downtown LA's fabric district.)

9) Anchor swag hooks in ceiling, or screw hooks into ceiling studs (important, since you're going to be pulling the chain off and on.)

10) Hang your lamp, positioning it so that the dent in the shade that landed the lamp in the sale section is in the back.

11) Swag

12) Plug in and enjoy.

Overall, I think this project cost about $35 in materials (including the sale KLABB). I was also able to use the KLABB lamp base elsewhere in the house with a shade we already had.

~ Amanda, Los Angeles