Friday, February 29, 2008

a desk with lots of storage space

ellzrae shares a bedroom with her sis who has one too many things. when they decided to renovate their bedroom, top on their list were a desk and a lot more storage space. here's what they cooked up on a budget.

she writes, "we looked thru ikea, and we both liked the vika amon/vika annefors table. only problem was it was too expensive. so i went ikea shopping and found 2 faktum/akurum kitchen base cabinets at as-is. then i bought a vika table top and put 2 L-brackets to hold the table top to the cabinet tops.

deskwe looked through ikea for nice inexpensive shelves, but could only find lack shelves which did not seem strong enough to hold up stuff. so it was back to the drawing board for me. after looking through various measurements, i concluded that we could add some trones shoe cabinets (to use as storage) at the left side and 3 faktum fan cabinets at the top of the desk.

attached a noticeboard, a magnetic strip and non lights to the wall. the result may not be as elegant, but it shows what a little planning can achieve for a small budget. i love the desk and for once, all her clutter goes where it ought to be - hidden.

word of caution though: pay to have someone professional mount the wall cabinets. we had one of them fall down! too short screws, wrong plug, lazy drilling."

Thursday, February 28, 2008

a little bit of green for your feet

a crop of moss growing on your footstool? definitely an unusual take on the solsta pallbo from ottoman (the hacker, not the stool).

"earlier this year, i thought it would be pretty rad to make an ottoman that looked like a rock with moss growing on it. after much hashing out in my head, i decided that the solsta pallbo footstool from ikea would do the trick! so, i made a slipcover for it that i needle felted with 'faux moss' to go over the existing slipcover.

faux moss ottomanfaux moss ottomanthe 'moss' is a three layer process, starting with a chocolate brown layer, then a dark green layer, and finally, the lime green 'moss' layer."

the one and only slipcover with moss is available on her etsy shop for $120.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

a tidy trash and recycling center

alison whips up a tidy trash and recycling center which allows for easy mail sorting and trashing.

she says, "the kitchen is on one side of the front door, and there was space just inside the kitchen doorway for this tidy trash and recycling center. the hacking part was more like sawing, as one of my ikea cutting boards was re-sized to become the shelf (aligned with the adjacent wire shelving) that supports the smaller wastebasket. now junk mail can immediately be recycled upon entry; and having the debris 'trashcan' available without opening a cupboard i find very handy.

trash and recycling binstrash and recycling bins
i used:
  • fibbe trash-bins
  • sigfrid shelf brackets (can't find the link on ikea's website)
  • magasin cutting board

the wall-mounted light was also from ikea, but old enough that i have no idea what its ikea name is."

link to trash and recycling hack entry on alison's blog

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

all to do with shoes, shoes, shoes

a siljan shoe rack for narrow places
almut has a very narrow hall and was looking for storage to fit shoes, scrafs, gloves, umbrellas, sunglasses etc.

slim shoe cabinetslim shoe cabinetwhat he she did was, "take three siljan bathroom mirror cabinets and hung them on the wall. they are only 16 cm deep (6 1/4")! i put shoes in the lowest one and the other items in the remaining siljans. i even exchanged the blue sliding doors with placemats, because i didn’t like the blue ones."

a floating shoe rack
wendy from vancouver, bc, fell in love with this slot-style shoe rack from design within reach and made her own version with a few ikea items.

"it was small enough to fit in behind my door without preventing it from swinging open, however at $110, it wasn’t so within reach. so, i took a trip to ikea to find the raw materials that could help me build something similar.

floating shoe shelffloating shoe shelfbasically i hung the klang wall shelf (with drywall anchors – i have heavy shoes), and then mounted both strecket cabinet handles about 6 cm (2 1/2") above it (using drywall anchors again).

Monday, February 25, 2008

save your old chair with a new look

a pretty one from holly.

"this one is really simple, but turned out to be quite a task. i took this rolly chair (svenning) and punched it up a little with some fabric from JoAnn's. when i bought it in 2003, they offered a camo option. now that i'm married and decorating my first home, it needed a softer touch to match the rest of the office. when i took the chair apart, there were about a million staples holding the camo fabric around the pads. prying the staples out of the plastic was tough, but not as tough as stapling the new fabric back on. it took me about 20 minutes to find the perfect way to hold the staple gun against the plastic so that the staples wouldn't just bounce off. in the end, i had one very sore hand and one very pretty chair!

see holly's svenning flickr set

Updated! February 25, 2009

Reupholstery with Patricia fabric
Ruby saw the Kip chair and was inspired to do her own.

She says, "I was given an old office chair by my father that was still in super condition, except for the cover. After living with it for months wondering how I could make it look better, I decided to 'hack' it with some nice fabric. The only thing was, it had to be really cheap and that's where Ikea came in: some lovely Patricia fabric! We used the patterned dark grey.

I covered the backrest easily, by pushing the fabric down under the plastic backing with a butter knife. The seat was more difficult, I had to take the chair apart and hot glue gun the fabric to the wooden plate before putting it back on the plastic backing. we took the arms off to make the chair more comfortable."

Saturday, February 23, 2008

hackeas: an instant attic, legs and kitchen utensil holders

an instant attic
kathleen created an "instant attic," courtesy of ikea's gorm shelves, which somehow fitted her old-style high ceiling 1920s house perfectly. the shelves rest on the molding snugly. two gorm shelves which cost her a total of $19 are used to create the additional space and they are plenty sturdy for holding bulky storage items like blankets and sleeping bags.

instant attic storage
attic storageattic storageattic storage
legs for the lack
sophia decides to give the lack shelving unit a little lift. she scoured the internet for brushed chrome, tubular, coffee table legs and found them on heck, the legs cost more than the shelf... but it looks much better.

andy's magnetic kitchen utensils hanger
"i always hated the fact that most magnetic hangers can't cut the mustard when it comes to even lightweight utensils. enter: grundtal!

i took a simple grundtal rail, and paired that with a reversed grundtal magnetic knife rack. the knife rack has more than enough mag power to hold up the rack as well as all the stuff i'm hanging on it!"